Survey results

Every year, HESA releases official statistics from each annual Graduate Outcomes survey. These statistics are used by the Government, charities, journalists, researchers and others to understand the higher education sector and the state of the graduate labour market. Your university / college will also use them to evaluate and promote their courses.

Here’s a selection of national level experimental statistics from the survey of graduates from the class of 2018/19:

  • We obtained responses from nearly 400,000 graduates
  • 79% of graduates that responded were in Paid Employment
  • 20% of graduates were involved in further study
  • 90% of postgraduates from 2018/19 who were in UK work were in high skilled jobs, compared to 69% of undergraduates
  • The most frequently recorded industries worked in were: Human health and social work activities (21%), and Education (20%)
  • 85% of graduates felt that their current activity is meaningful
  • 78% of graduates felt their current activity fitted in with their future plans
  • 71% of graduates were utilising what they learnt while studying
  • 74% of graduates were satisfied with life

Here’s a selection of national level experimental statistics from the survey of graduates from the class of 2017/18:

  • 81% of graduates were in employment or unpaid work
  • 38% of graduates working in the UK were in education or health related industries
  • 74% of graduates working for an employer in the UK were on permanent or open-ended contracts
  • Over 61,000 graduates were self-employed, running their own business or developing a portfolio
  • 18% of graduates were engaged in further study 15 months after completing their course
  • 76% of graduates working in the UK were in high skilled occupations
  • 1 in 20 graduates working in the UK were managers, directors and senior officials
  • 31% of graduates in full-time paid UK employment earned over £30,000 15 months after graduation
  • 86% of graduates agreed that they were engaged in meaningful activity 15 months after graduation
  • 80% of graduates agreed that the activity they were engaged in 15 months after graduation fitted with their future plans
  • 72% of graduates agreed that 15 months after graduation they were utilising what they had learned during their studies


Taking part in the Graduate Outcomes survey means you are part of this picture of higher education today.

To find out more about Graduate Outcomes statistics, visit the HESA website.

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